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Community Projects and Events

The Centre has a high profile in Waterford City and County. The Manager participates in local radio interviews and contributes to local and national newspapers, particularly on issues such as the striking down of the law on statutory rape, sentencing guidelines, etc.

We believe it is vital that members of the public are given accurate, comprehensive information on the issues of sexual violence, and the availability of our service.  Accordingly, we see awareness raising as second only to the provision of counselling in terms of priorities for the Centre.  To this end the Centre is represented on a variety of Boards and Committees throughout the Community, and participates in research, health awareness events, talks in schools & colleges and training with various agencies.


In December 2005, the Centre marked 21 years of existence by staging GRACE, a multidisciplinary arts project.   It celebrated the enormous courage of survivors of sexual violence, the vision and determination of the founding members and the commitment of all who have worked in the Centre through the years – either as much-valued volunteers or paid staff.


The GRACE Project was a very public and visible series of artistic and musical celebrations, held in a variety of locations throughout the City.  By highlighting the existence of the Centre, the Project also acted as a powerful awareness-raising event – reaching out to the many silent survivors in the community who still carry within them the painful secret of their abuse.

Martin Quigley was one of the artists who participated in GRACE.  He has kindly given us the use of some of his images (copyright retained) for this website and we thank him sincerely.  His work is available to view/buy at www.artvitae.com.


H O P E  Exhibition 

In 2009 – Waterford Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (formerly Waterford Rape Crisis Centre) celebrated 25 years of service to our community.

 To celebrate this landmark we wanted to honour the courage and tenacity of survivors who have used or are currently using our service.  We chose HOPE as the theme for this event.

HOPE  brings you through our door on your quest for healing.  HOPE drives us in many ways:
• hope for your recovery
• for a society free from all forms of violence
• that eventually services such as ours will no longer be needed.

To this end, we invited  all to submit a piece that described their experience with us on their road to recovery.  This took the form of poems, photograph,s drawing sor and sculptures.  The works, which were many and varied, were displayed in the Public Library, Lady Lane for 10 days.  We celebrated our 25 years in existence by celebrating yhe strength, endurance and capacity to heal of all those who have used our servcies




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