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About Us

Waterford Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre (WRSAC) – formerly the Waterford Rape Crisis Centre came into being in 1984 when there was great resistance by society at large to accept that the problem of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault was a reality in our ‘Island of Saints and Scholars’.  The problem remained hidden because as a nation we simply did not want to know.  The subject was taboo and perpetrators felt safe in this climate of secrecy.

However, as the years went on, more and more survivors came forward and demand for our services increased dramatically.  Finally, in 2002 The SAVI Report*, a national survey, provided specific information about the prevalence of sexual violence in relation to age and gender.



How We Work

When you first contact the Centre an appointment is made for an initial assessment session.  This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the Centre, the counsellors or counselling itself.  You can then decide if you wish to go any further.

Our approach to counselling is based on an equal and respectful relationship between survivor and counsellor. It is non-medical and is based on the empowerment of the victim/survivor.  While all our counsellors are professionally qualified with additional training in rape and sexual abuse, we see survivors as being the experts in their own recovery.





  • Counselling/Support
  • Advocacy/Liaison/Accompaniment
  • Education/Awareness Raising/Information 




Other numbers which may be useful:

Waterford Gardaí: 051 874888
Oasis House Women’s Refuge: 1800 264 364



Contact Us

Freephone: 1800 296 296
Business: 051 873362
Fax: 051 850717
Email: info@waterfordrsac.ie  
Address: 2A Waterside, Waterford



Community Projects & Events

The Centre has a high profile in Waterford City and County. The Manager participates in local radio interviews and contributes to local and national newspapers, particularly on issues such as the striking down of the law on statutory rape, sentencing guidelines, etc. We believe it is vital that members of the public are given accurate, comprehensive information on the issues of sexual violence, and the availability of our service.  Accordingly, we see awareness raising as second only to the provision of counselling in terms of priorities for the Centre.  To this end the Centre is represented on a variety of Boards and Committees throughout the Community, and participates in research, health awareness events, talks in schools & colleges and training with various agencies. 

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